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Walnut & Date butter — NUTCESSITY

7.99 €

Walnut & Date butter by NUTCESSITY is premium organic nut butter

A 1-star Great Taste award winner, Date & Walnut butter is a much creamier, flavour-layered version of peanut butter, with a hint of salt.

Slightly salted & slightly sweet, this roasted walnut spread is a wholesome but indulgent topper for toast, porridge or pieces of dried fruit...

Think good-for-you salted caramel with a tinge of deep roasted bitterness

Ingredients: Walnuts* (43%), sunflower seeds*, coconut*, dates* (10%) & pink Himalayan salt.
*= organic verified

180 g

Made UK

2019 — 1 Star Great Taste Award Winner

Walnut & Date butter from NUTCESSIRY is Real, Simple & and Wholesome.

The 3 attributes that make Nutcessity different:
  • Natural, Organic & Unrefined — just Nuts, Seeds, Fruits & Salt - Nothing Else;
  • Unconventional Recipes — A Brand New Take on Nostalgic;
  • Environmentally Sound — Recyclable, Vegan Founded & Plastic-Free.


Calories: 595
Fat (saturated): 54g (13)g
Carbohydrate (sugars): 18g (10)g
Fibre 9g
Protein 13g
Salt 0.2g
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