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Sweet Potato Flour — GOVINDA

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Sweet Potato Flour by GOVINDA NATUR - your alternative for juicy baked goods and savory dishes

Did you know that the sweet potato is not directly related to the potato?
It belongs to the bindweed family, whereas the potato belongs to the nightshade family. 
The sweet potato has been an integral part of the menu in (sub-) tropical countries for a long time and it is also climbing our plates with increasing speed.
The flour made from sweet potatoes offers many ways to incorporate the tuber into your diet.

With the sweet potato flour you save yourself any washing, peeling, cutting or pureeing of sweet potatoes - you can start right away, because the sweet potato is always ready as a flour.

You can be completely free with the recipes, think of sweet potato gnocchi, crispy pizza dough or moist bread.
But the flour is especially good for baking because it binds moisture very well.
This means that muffins, cakes and the like stay nice and juicy.

  • Taste:  nutty, sweet.
  • Suggestions for use: for baking, cooking and refining.
  • Nutritional values: High in fiber, low in fat, no added sugar.
  • Properties: Gluten-free, lactose-free, without palm oil, without added sugar °, without additives, vegan.

Ingredients: 100% sweet potato flour *

* from organic farming

350 g 

Made in Germany

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