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Suke Quto Ethiopia — Bonanza Coffee Roasters

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CANDIED LEMON, BUTTER SCOTCH & BERGAMOT in Suke Quto from Ethiopia by Bonanza Coffee Roasters 

☀ Suitable for all brewing methods.

Region: Guji
Process: WASHED

The Suke Quto station and owner Tesfaye Bekele are pioneers of Specialty coffee production in the Guji area of Ethiopia. After devastating fires destroyed most of the local land, new forests were planted alongside coffee trees to enhance the local area. Now the Suke Quto washing station works together with 171 outgrowers that deliver cherries, as well as the on-site farm land. The coffees are produced organically and environmentally friendly, and the economic growth of the community is always at the forefront of the profits. This coffee epitomizes our love for washed coffees from Guji, packed full of floral and citrus flavors.

250 g

Roasted in Berlin

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