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Shea Butter virgin — BIO PLANETE

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Shea Butter by BIO PLANETE 

BIO PLANÈTE Shea butter is organic spreadable, neutral in taste and highly heatable. Traditionally, the locals also use the soft butter as a frying and baking fat. The special highlight: BIO PLANÈTE Shea Butter browns baked goods and makes them wonderfully crispy. Shea butter is also suitable as a vegan spread and can be used similarly to animal butter – but offers around 50 per cent more unsaturated fatty acids.

Versatile & highly heat resistant
  • Storage: Store at room temperature and out of direct sunlight.
  • Heatability: Suitable for baking.
  • Ingredients: shea.
Product of organic farming

200 ml 

Made in Germany

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Shelf life: 07.2021

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