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Sesame Oil virgin — BIO PLANETE

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Sesame virgin Oil by BIO PLANETE 

BIO PLANÈTE Sesame virgin Oil with its healthy qualities, the delicious oil derived from these seeds is especially cherished in the context of macrobiotic cuisine. 

To ensure the completion of the ripening after picking, the farmers bundle the manually cut plants in an upright position for several days. Not before all the capsules have opened up, the sesame seeds are shaken out over a cloth. Sesamolin is a natural oxidation protection which provides the oil with a longer shelf life.

Heat sesame oil only carefully and use it to improve vegetables, rice, and pasta dishes right before serving.

Ideal for macrobiotic gourmet cuisine
  • Storage: Store at room temperature and out of direct sunlight.
  • Heatability: Suitable for stewing and cooking.
  • Ingredients: sesame.
Product of organic farming

250 ml 

Made in Germany

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