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Tiger nut set with Buckwheat Tea

Tiger nut also known as chufa, yellow nutsedge or earth almonds, are not actually nuts. Tasty & crunchy granola to keep you full for longer. Even for those who must stay away from gluten and nuts, and enjoy in vegan and organic goodies.

  • vegan 
  • raw
  • paleo 
  • high in fibre
1) Raw tiger nut snack Cacao — DrobTinka
2) Raw tiger nut snack Hot Curry — DrobTinka
3) Plain raw tiger nut snack — DrobTinka
4) Tiger nut spread on your choice — DrobTinka
5) Kasha tiger nut Crunchy Cacao - Drobtinka
6) Buckwheat Tea - Nut & Coconut
7) Tiger nut spread on your choice — DrobTinka

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