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Mixed Buckwheat Tea 3 packages - Nut & Coconut

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Buckwheat tea Nut & Coconut — tea made from polished seeds of buckwheat grown in ecologically clean areas.

Ingredients Buckwheat Tea with Cinnamon: buckwheat tea, cinnamon.​
Ingredients Buckwheat Tea in tea bags: buckwheat tea.​
Ingredients Buckwheat Tea Original: buckwheat tea.​


Buckwheat tea has natural cookie aroma, perfect suits for your evening time and doesn’t leave you indifferent!

How to brew a perfect cup of tea:
1. take 1 tsp tea / 1 tea bag;
2. pour 95 С water over the buckwheat in the cup; 
3. allow tea to steep for 5 minutes and then enjoy its unique taste;
4. tea can be used up to 3 times.

Storage: keep in dry place.

1 x 100 g buckwheat tea
1 x 15 (5g each) buckwheat tea in tea bags
1 x 100 g buckwheat tea with Cinnamon

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