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Coffee & Walnut butter — NUTCESSITY

7.99 €

Coffee & Walnut butter by NUTCESSITY is premium organic nut butter

Plant-based, keto & low in sugar, new Coffee & Walnut butter NUTCESSITY is a gorgeously rich, adult, caffeinated butter, best on porridge, crispbread, oatcakes or a banana crumble.

Made using Fairtrade, organic ground coffee beans, roasted by Wogan Coffee in Bristol - this nut butter keeps us ticking all morning long.

Ingredients: WALNUT (35%)*, pumpkin seed*, coconut*, ground coffee beans (2.5%)* & pink Himalayan salt.

*= organic verified

Vegan | Organic | Paleo | Low Sugar | No Added Oil | High Fibre | 100% Natural | Keto

180 g

Made UK

Caromel Cashew butter from NUTCESSIRY is Real, Simple & and Wholesome.

The 3 attributes that make Nutcessity different:
  • Natural, Organic & Unrefined — just Nuts, Seeds, Fruits & Salt - Nothing Else;
  • Unconventional Recipes — A Brand New Take on Nostalgic;
  • Environmentally Sound — Recyclable, Vegan Founded & Plastic-Free.


Calories: 638
Fat (saturated): 58.3g (21g)
Carbohydrate (sugars): 9.4g (3.5g)
Fibre: 7.3g
Protein: 17.6g
Salt: 0.05g
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