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Caromel Cashew butter — NUTCESSITY

7.99 €

Caromel Cashew butter by NUTCESSITY is premium organic nut butter

Nominated for the Soil Association’s ‘Nation’s Favourite Product Award’, Caromel Cashew butter Nutcessity is a caramelly, earthy alternate to a chocolate nut spread.

The Carob plant is a flowering evergreen shrub, usually from the Med (Nutcessity’s is Italian). High in calcium, zinc & iron, carob powder is slightly sweet and contains no caffeine.

Best with chunks of banana or on warm crumpets...

Ingredients: Cashews* (37%), pumpkin seeds*, coconut*, carob* (5%) & pink Himalayan salt.
*= organic verified

180 g

Made UK

shelf life: 20.05.21

Caromel Cashew butter from NUTCESSIRY is Real, Simple & and Wholesome.

The 3 attributes that make Nutcessity different:
  • Natural, Organic & Unrefined — just Nuts, Seeds, Fruits & Salt - Nothing Else;
  • Unconventional Recipes — A Brand New Take on Nostalgic;
  • Environmentally Sound — Recyclable, Vegan Founded & Plastic-Free.


Calories: 575
Fat (saturated): 49g (21g)
Carbohydrate (sugars): 18g (7g)
Fibre: 9g
Protein: 17g
Salt: 0.1g

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