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The raw chocolate company


What does it mean "raw chocolate"?

We set out to make fabulous chocolate. We wanted to make chocolate that makes you feel special and puts a smile on your face. We also want it to make you feel good on the inside and well as on the outside. Lastly, and without compromise, we want our products to have a positive impact on the world and on the lives of those involved in producing the fabulous ingredients we use. With these principles in mind, we set out on our quest to make chocolate.


The cacao we use has been sun-dried and not heat treated. It has been minimally processed to keep it as close to the natural state hanging off the tree.


This also means all our products are vegan and very pure. We use minimal additional ingredients so that the cocoa can sing out, sometimes enhanced by selected ingredients. All our cacao is certified organic. Most of our other ingredients are organic also.


The principles and beliefs that guide the Raw Chocolate Company

The Earth


We've already told you about how much we love chocolate, and obviously that's a large part of why we've set up the raw Chocolate Company, but there are a few other things that are very important to us too.

The planet - without the planet, nothing that any of us do would be possible. Absolutely nothing. It's obvious really, but the well-being of the planet means everything. All ingredients we use are certified organic. The ones that aren’t organic, aren’t available organic.

Raw Ingredients


Raw, or cold-processed ingredients (never heated above 42°c) generally means less energy is used during their preparation, and that traditional methods are used, for example sun-drying. Our cacao powder, butter and nibs are non-chemically treated.

Quality of our ingredients is very important to us. For example, we spend five years searching for organic goji berries that were just right – flavoursome, juicy and plump. 



All our printed material, including our packaging, is printed with vegetable based inks using an eco-friendly print-process which reduces the amount of harmful chemicals released into our water supply. The paper we use is either 100% recycled or a mix of recycled fibres and pulp from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) managed forests.

The ingredients are important, but we also take extreme care to prepare them for you. Firstly, we spend at least three times longer than other manufacturers grinding our ingredients, super smooth for a luxurious experience in the mouth. Secondly, we feel that the mood you are in when you prepare food is highly important. At the start of the day, we share our highs and lows and make the chocolate with a smile on our faces and passion in our hearts.

The result? Our raw chocolate bars and raw chocolate snacks are pure, delicious and a fabulous treat. A little goes a very long way.


- Organic Raw Cacao - our sun-dried, unroasted, raw cocoa comes from Organic beans grown in Peru.

- Organic Virgin Cacao Butter - again from Peru, cold pressing preserves as much goodness as possible.

- Organic Coconut Palm Sugar - sustainably harvested from the nectar of the coconut flower. It is a long chain sugar, and has about half the glycemic index of cane sugar.

- Organic Lucuma Fruit Powder - lucuma is a fruit, about the size of a melon which has a dense orange flesh, a bit like a squash. It has a malty, biscuity flavour. It adds sweetness and further dimensions of flavour to our Vanoffee products.

Renewable Energy


Ecotricity provide our factory with 100% green electricity - they are a company committed to clean, renewable energy. This means that production of our chocolate has resulted in zero carbon dioxide emissions, relieving pressure on the environment. In the long term we are pursuing zero emission transport of our ingredients and end products. We rarely travel to meetings and encourage home working and internet based meetings wherever possible.


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