LOVE CHOCK — raw vegan chocolate from Amsterdam


The story of the Lovechock is a Story of Love. When company was started (2009), it was the first producer of a raw chocolate in Europa. Working on company’s philosophy, the owners didn't only want to create the tastiest and healthiest cacao experience, but also wanted to make conscious chocolate, using the best and rational way of its production. 


“We were born to radiate the pleasure of conscious living, to share the joy of embracing a conscious lifestyle, and everything that makes this life oh so very pleasurable. Ultimately, we want to leave this world a little bit better than we found it and spread a Little Love and happiness on our journey “, says Franziska Rosario, Lovechock Chief Happiness Director. 


With this philosophy and delicious innovative vegan chocolate products, Lovechock has grown up from a small chocolate kitchen to a company with its own factory in Heerhugowaard. Now company sells its amazing raw chocolate in more than 20 countries, what is really impressive.


Except of being a part of the brand’s name, the word “Love” is deep inside the company’s philosophy. Below you can see their main principles.



In Lovechock they are sure that now they are as much close as nobody was before to the most perfect product that we can eat in moderation without guilt. Out of love for the body – the first Lovechock pillar – they produce their chocolate without roasting it, in order to preserve the precious nutrients of cocoa beans. Do you know that raw cacao contains six times more flavonoids than the blueberries? It is sweetened only with coconut blossom sugar, low-GI, high in fibre and non-refined.


For Lovechock is important to honour mother nature, so they use only organic ingredients. As they are vegan and plant-based, they reduce the impact of their products on the planet in all the possible ways.


The third pillar of Lovechock stands for the farmers, whose important job is to harvest all Lovechock’s natural ingredients. Company’s goal is to pay the farmers fair wages. Being locally produced in Ecuador, the raw cacao mass is then shipped to their factory in Heerhugowaard, near Amsterdam.


As "Love for the planet" is one of the three pillars of Lovechock's corporate philosophy, Lovechock has also taken care of packaging redesigning. Now its design has a spirit of environmental protection: products have friendly to environment rapper and plastic-free foil. Lovechock has been plastic-free since 2011.

Team of NUT & COCONUTis proud of being a partner of such a great company. Working with LoveChock chocolate manufacturer helps us to be creators of a high-quality raw chocolate culture in Germany and provide our clients worldwide with the best products available in the market. We are grateful to LoveChock for their amazing work and invite you to try their products on our online shop page. Click on the bottom below.


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