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How to eat chocolate?

How to eat chocolate?

Do you know how to eat chocolate? ?

It seems that it’s simple - put a piece of chocolate in your mouth and that’s it. But in fact, many people do not like chocolate, because they don’t know how to eat it or because they can’t stop it and prefer not to start.

The main mistake is to quickly chewing or just swallowing chocolate, and then eat something else.

The key rule for getting real pleasure from small piece of chocolate, you need to eat it SLOWLY.

Just put a piece of chocolate in your mouth and stop for a couple of seconds. Feel this pleasure and let the whole gamut of flavors open up! GIVE YOURSELF TIME YO ENJOY IT?

From the temperature of your body, a piece of chocolate will slowly melt in your tongue, and you will enjoy for a long time new notes that will open one after another, playing bright tastes on your receptors.

First of all, cocoa butter begins to melt in your mouth, because cocoa butter melts at body temperature, and then various notes and tastes appear. ⠀

We like to eat with a cup of dark coffee or buckwheat tea☕️


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