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Our mission

We thoroughly select products with natural ingredients and rich taste, so you could enjoy every day your meal, your body, your life.


We are experts in the selection of natural, but nonetheless tasty and healthy products.

We made a selection for you, you only have to choose among the best.

Our principles 

We are open and honest with you. We want to give you the opportunity to feel such taste of the products, which Nature gave them. 


We are very careful choosing the manufacturers of the products, their production processes and the selection of the ingredients used in the products.


It means, that all our products don't contain milk ingredients & lactose, honey, eggs.


All our products can contain ONLY natural sweeteners: coconut sugar, coconut blossom nectar, lucuma, sunroot or yacon syrup.


All our products don't contain gluten.


All our products are pure. We offer only natural for Healthy Living. 



All our products are free of soy and soya lecithin, which is usually added to cheap analogues of nut butters and chocolate.

All our products FREE FROM:

- Sugar & Refined sugar
- Gluten
- Lactose
- Trans fat
- Soy & soy l

- Preservatives

- Emulsifiers

- Corn & corn syrup

- Rice syrup

- Artificial flavors 
- Secrets

All our products are plant-based and can contain natural sweeteners such as coconut sugar or coconut blossom nectar.  


Tania's story

NUT & COCONUT started out as a big dream at New Year's night, somewhere in snowy mountains. The dream was simple: to find my favorite and the healthiest food products around the whole world, collect them in one place and share them with others.


I grew up in Russia and since 2017 I live in Germany. Healthy food and healthy way of everyday life is my main principle. I used to read all labels on all products that I have been buying during many years - initially in Russia, in my numerous travels around the world, and then in Germany. I spent a lot of time looking trough ingredients till I found products that were really healthy.


Later I understood that this story is not only about me. There are a lot of people who care about their health and who also spend a lot of time on searching healthy products and reading the labels. That’s why I decided to make this store - hope you will enjoy it and will get healthier with our products!



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